AI image generator itself

Image generators have stormed into advertising and graphics. Initially, there were objections, but they are now widely used in advertising and digital marketing. It’s clear they are here to stay.

These generators feed on images collected from the internet and create visuals based on user prompts. They are chaotic and unpredictable, yet incredibly creative.

For the past year, I’ve been experimenting mainly with Midjourney, learning to communicate with it to achieve desired results. On this blog, you’ll find the outcomes of my experiments, exploring various options. While I primarily use Midjourney, I also compare it with other generators.

Generators can inspire us when we’re looking for visualisations of an idea or create images exactly as specified. In this post, I decided to see how some generators perceive themselves. I deliberately avoid multiple attempts to see their initial interpretation of the task.

How Image Generators See Themselves: First Attempt

All generators envision themselves as a hybrid of humans and robots or as fully humanoid robots. They all attribute feminine features to their images. AI generators are always depicted as female, but their personifications vary in style and drama.

/imagine prompt  AI image generator itself, 8K –ar 16:9

Midjourney believes the generator has the face of an idealised young woman, with a penetrating yet slightly dreamy gaze, even if she is entirely made of processors. Midjourney creatively merges technology with biology. The woman demiurge gazes into the distance and dreams. Midjourney enjoys dramatizing the concept by combining surreal substances, textures, and light.

Copilot, Bing AI image generator presents the idea of an image generator as a mascot robot, holding a paintbrush or with a backdrop of equations. I like that Copilot manages to solve the problem of its image through the idea of self-creation. “I was programmed and brought to life, and I understand the concept of myself.”, using the Artistic style, is the only one to propose various solutions. Not just a female cyborg but also a graphic workstation. Its personifications lack the romance of Midjourney. These are horror robots, cold, and impersonal machines that only resemble humans in shape but do not pretend to have a soul. They are just coldly calculating algorithms.

/imagine prompt  Midjourney , 8K –ar 16:9

Image generators understand the concept of what they are but do not know their own name. Midjourney, when prompted with “Midjourney,” simply illustrates a journey through the land.